We design marketing campaigns for your services and product. We make sure you reach the desired number of hits and visibility in social media. 


Each marketing campaign starts with a plan which includes the desired quantitative outcome. It all depends on your goal and our planing. Finding right measures for the campaign plays a critical role in planing. At the end, we make sure that at the end of a campaign you will reach the desired result such as certain number of followers, likes, hits, views, and any other measurable outcome that we set at the beginning. 


Before we start planing for a marketing campaign, we sit with our customers and discuss the needs, goals, and desires. After identifying all factors such as budget, medium, target group, campaign goal, we design and create a plan to show milestones and activities to be done during the lifespan of the campaign.

After the customer approves the plan we create required materials such as images, posters, videos, music, narration, voices, and texts.

We run the campaign and we make sure the campaign plan executes correctly.

At the end of campaign we deliver a report and show you how the whole experience been gone.