Brand is an asset. Many companies do not identify or shape their brand and let it evolve by itself. We help you define what your business look like to your customers. Your brand should have a personality, it should be defined carefully and correctly to make it possible to communicate to your customers.Is your business targeting mostly young people? Is your business represent enthusiasm? Or maybe your business should be known to be loyal and trustworthy. Brand Identity service help you to design your brand personality and then you can use the result for marketing or rebranding, motto, logo, and many other aspects in your business.


As a result of brand identification you will receive a comprehensive report showing what your brand personality is and what it should be.


Brand Identification process has three main phases:

  1. Interviews: We interview all relevant people to your brand including owners, employees, and some customers.
  2. Data analysis: After gathering data, our brand experts analyse the data and produce a report showing what is your brand personality and what it should be.
  3. We arrange a workshop to present the result and discuss together to  understand the result and underlying analysis.