Startup Office Hours
February 9, 2018
New Partnership Between Codotrix AB and InterAct AB
March 6, 2018

Codotrix Hosted Founder Institute “Startup Office Hours”

Codotrix hosted the Founder Institute public and exclusive event, “Startup Office Hours”. In this event, Hani Vahabi CEO of Codotrix shared her experiences in business and entrepreneurship with entrepreneurs and startups. Hani talked about how to overcome the challenges most of the entrepreneurs face. Founder Institute director in Gothenburg chapter, Amy Sanford introduced the Founder Institute and its contribution to the local startup ecosystem. In this event we explained the role of Founder Institute as a startup accelerator and the importance of participation in this program.

Real-time Problem Solving

During the Q&A round, entrepreneurs asked for solution and advice regarding their challenges such as choosing the right brand name, marketing strategy, and how to find business suppliers. After Q&A, participants joined an open discussion with mentors. We had very diverse participants, engineers from Volvo, entrepreneurs and business owners from China, Italy, Iran, India and Sweden. This diversity made the discussions very interesting and constructive.

Mingle and Networking

We encouraged the participants to get the most out of the mingles. They used this opportunity to expand their network and build connections. At the end, some of them found their potential co-founders and some found new business partners.